When Should You Prune Trees? 

Regularly pruning your trees can offer you with many different perks. One of these include aesthetic appeal while avoiding possible safety issues and property damage. With this in mind, we would like to give you the following indications that your trees should use tree pruning and tree trimming Glendale services as soon as possible. 


A misshaped tree 

A tree gets misshapen if a tree is neglected, which can be detrimental to its structural integrity and beauty. Not only misshaped trees look bad, but their weight won’t be properly distributed as well. Which could be the reason of breakage and property damage.  

Unusual tree development 

Naturally, trees develop upward towards the sun. But if your living in rural spaces without sufficient space, they might need to fight with some trees and vegetation. So instead of growing vertically, they grow outward. Consequently, the branches can get heavy and eventually breakdown beneath their own weight eventually. To prevent this from happening, pruning trees regularly is effective in minimizing abnormal tree development’s growth.  

Wandering branches 

Reaching out to an expert arborist to have your wandering and large limbs removed. Once branches are left to grow and untamed for a long time, they will usually reach to properties or buildings nearby and tangle themselves all over the power lines and other trees, resulting in extreme property damage. 

Branch density 

Excessive growth is of the apparent indicators that pruning your trees must be done. When your tree becomes too thick that you can’t see through it already, then you have to get it trimmed back because branch density could be risky while the tree branches will catch the wind during strong weather. If this happens, it can lead to damages.   


One of the indicators that your trees have to be pruned is when deadwood can be seen on it. Similar to dangling limbs, large parts of deadwood potentially fall anytime. Hence, they can be very hazardous to the house, people, and even your vehicles below. If you fail to prune them properly, a tree could begin to decay and become unhealthy. If this happens, you have to remove it as soon as possible.  

Crossed branches 

If you leave your trees unattended, its branches would start to cross as it develops. If this is occurring, the branches tend to rub and rub against each other. As a result, the bark can become damaged and bare the interior wood, consequently causes your trees to be decayed. Not to mention, decay can be spread to other trees within close proximity to them  

Broken branches 

Any dangling and broken branches are a guaranteed indication that you need to prune your trees. Such types of injuries are usually due to severe weather, such as wind or snow. Moreover, they potentially provide a critical safety risks that must be attended right away. Because of that, we highly recommend you to check your trees within your premises after storms pass you. As soon as you can see any broken or dangling branches, contact a professional arborist right away to get them pruned and trimmed.   

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